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If you follow us and are a loyal local customer from the Green Lake, Fox Valley, or Madison area, we thank you. However, this post is not for you. But don’t stop reading yet, because this news is very exciting and we hope you will help us spread the word far and wide.  Drumroll, please…….


  1. Near – My (Natasha’s) family hails from the Milwaukee area, Wauwatosa to be exact.  Many of my childhood friends from the Baha’i religious community I was raised in are from the Milwaukee area.  And many of them happen to have excellent taste in meat.  Recently one of them offered to become a drop site for us, so we have now started a monthly route to Waukesha on the 2nd Thursday of the month with pickup from 6-7pm.  Simply select the Waukesha option when placing an order. We ask that orders be a minimum of $40 to help cover gas and that you order by 5pm on the day before.
  2. Far- We are fortunate to have friends and family all over the country, but that has made it hard for a lot of people to get our meat that wanted to. So we looked into it, and we ran some trials, and we are now able to offer shipping to the Continental US!  We are currently just using one size of box and have a flat rate for shipping based on your geographic area.  A box can hold up to 23lbs of meat so feel free to stuff it full to get your money’s worth on shipping! Midwesterners will receive their boxes via Spee-Dee Delivery and others will get it via FedEx Ground. We will only be shipping to the coasts on Mondays, and to the Midwest on Mon-Wed to make sure it gets there during the week.

We hope that if you have been following us from afar you can take advantage of one of these options to get some premium pasture-raised meats in your belly! Have a great weekend!