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Whole Pasture Raised Pork Reservation



Reserve your Whole Pasture Raised Pork here! With this you get the chance to have your meat cut however you want and get a discount on this slow grown, non-soy fed, pasture-raised, Wisconsin pork from Large Black Hogs!

We will explain how it works, how much it will cost, and what the options are. You can then decide if this type of purchasing is right for you.


Bulk ordering allows you to get a wide variety of cuts all at once for a good price. It eliminates a lot of trips to the store or farmer’s market, and you can control what you get. Don’t like roasts? No problem! Love hot dogs? Can do.
First you choose how big a portion you want. Our large black pigs average around 200 lbs hanging weight(how much the carcass hangs up in the meat locker), which is what the price is based off of. Yield of meat is around 60% of hanging weight depending on how many bone-in or boneless cuts you get. So for a half you are looking at around 120lbs of meat. One caveat to this is that if you get most of your pork turned into ground or sausage the yield will be much lower.


We charge $3.50/lb(currently sale for $2.50/ lb!) hanging weight plus processing costs. So for that 200lb hanging weight you would pay $700 plus processing, which is usually around $300 for a hog that size(will fluctuate a lot based on your choices). That gives you ~$1000 for 120lbs of meat. This averages out to $8.33/lb of meat that you take home. That is a great deal considering that you are getting everything from the ground pork which costs $6.00/lb retail all the way up to the large amounts of bacon which go for $11.00/lb retail!


When you decide you are ready to commit to a half or whole just let us know. We will let you know when the next time pigs are going in is and then we will call or email you back to get the details on how you would like it done. We take care of all the customer service ourselves so you don’t have to talk to the butcher or go pick it up. You write one check out to us and we arrange to meet you to drop it off.

Here are the questions we will ask when you are buying in bulk:
Would you like your steaks and chops bone in or bone out? How thick would you like them cut? (1″ is normal) How many would like to a package? Or would you like a whole tenderloin?
Do you want your smoked products made with regular curing or the “nitrate free”(natural nitrate) curing?(The nitrate free costs significantly more, but is accounted for in the price example above)
How big do you want the hams? (You can have them cut into small 1-2lb chunks or leave them whole at up to 8lbs) Do you want some of the ham sliced? Or do you want the ham fresh or ground?
How many roasts would you like? How big of roasts would you like? (Normal is 2 or 3lbs) You normally receive butt roasts(which actually come from the shoulder) and loin end roasts. Any of these can be turned into ground or sausage.
Would you like spare ribs?
Would you like hocks? Smoked or fresh?
Would you like any organ meats? (heart, tongue, liver)
Would you like bacon or fresh belly?
Would you like any sausage, brats, or snack sticks made? (Note that there are extra charges for this and there is a minimum batch size of 20lbs, again some of this is accounted for in the example above) Options include Italian Sausage, Breakfast Links or Patties, numerous kinds of brats and other sausages, etc.
What size packages would you like the ground products in? Options are 1lb, 1.5lb, or 2lb
Any other questions let us know!


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